Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grace's creations

As I mentioned yesterday, I've really enjoyed reading the email generated by my gift horse post.  However, there's no denying that some requests are more, um, interesting than others.  This is perhaps my favorite.  Thanks to Grace Ledoux for allowing me to reprint this in its entirety.

Just Another Gift Horse Request

by Grace Ledoux


I'm Grace. 

I've just started my sophomore year in high school, I'm steadily learning to drive and I'm missing summer every single day. Luckily I have your blog to check up on (study hall equals Braymere time!) to keep me motivated. I would consider myself an artist, but mostly because that's what others label me. I think of myself of more of an.. experimenter. I approached the world of customizing like every other little girl; with nail polish in one hand and Stablemate in the other. But really it didn't take long for me to figure out that A, I stink at painting realistic horses, and B, it's really much more fun to hack the pony to pieces and figure out how it goes back together.
So I started looking at different kinds of customizing ideas. Because honestly there are dozens of artists in the hobby who can paint an OF bay, and frankly they could do it much, much better than I could. I wanted to think a little outside the box. And then I found out about these guys.
In case you haven't already oggled over them, these are the life-size puppets that star in the onstage version of War Horse.  I'm a theater geek.  I'm a horse person.  I like customizing projects that seem stupidly difficult and usually end up harder than I planned...  it had to be done.
Not that you can really tell from that super unflattering picture... but those are model versions of Joey and Topthorn (the two main horse characters) withcompletely new necks as well as (obviously) pretty extensive customizing and six repainted and dressed dolls. An old FAS made up the black guy, and Joey was the a Cody model I won at Breyerwest (this is how I treat my prize models. I get along better with bodies).

That project was a little too much fun not to repeat.
Hours and hours of sanding later...
Still hate that tail, but this is Bot the riding simulator. He took home a glossy pony at the Breyerfest Youth show this year and is still one of my favorite "models."

All this meaning, I'm an excellent candidate for bodies. I remember reading a show report of yours a while back, and you mentioning supporting the next generation of hobbyists. I realize I'm young, but that only means I can get better. I would be happy to take a reject, body, warp or loner off your hands. I can promise it will get a new life with me.

Obviously, this girl needs a project horse, but I couldn't help but wonder:  What was she planning for her next project?  I asked and she sent the following picture.
Oh, Lordy.  It's a great idea, but which gift horse would be best suited?  The headless Justin Morgan (please, someone take that off my hands!) or the Misty's Twilight or Pacer or ???


  1. What inspiring work! I can't wait to see what Grace does with her gift horse!!!

  2. What an imagination! I tip my hat to your creativity, Grace. You are an inspiration to some of who are still trying hard to get past the huge recoil (wince, cringe, flinch) at the thought of hacking up a perfectly good pony...

  3. Tell her she needs to start a blog about her creations and we will all follow!

  4. If Grace doesn't have enough time to write her own blog, she is *always* welcome to publish guest blogger posts here. Like everyone else, I am completely charmed by her imagination. We just need her to stick to body models and stop chopping up the good ones!


  5. Wow. That's incredible! I *so* want to see how you make that awesome steampunk horse!

  6. Grace! You are amazing! I hope you can continue with your wonderful work and go on to greater things! Awesome!!!


  7. Fabulous!!! I saw War Horse on Broadway--amazing how they make those huge puppets come to life. What a cool idea. I'm working on a steampunk horse myself--can't wait to see hers!

  8. Holy wow! That's amazing! What a talent this gal has!
    PS. How many of you can get character verfication right the first time? Or even the second or third? They are getting almost impossible!

  9. Her creativity is inspiring! I would LOVE to see her next creation.

  10. Amazing! There was a War Horse entry at NW Expo in Oregon this year- I wonder if that was Grace? I just got tickets to see War Horse at Thanksgiving and I can't wait! And I second the idea that Grace starts a blog and/or guest blogs here. Encore, encore!

  11. Holy cats, when I was her age I thought I was big stuff for devising a harness for a Breyer made out of shoestrings! I'm thoroughly impressed.

    Grace absolutely has to at least write a guest post about what she does with her Braymere Body. I'd love to know how she did the War Horse scene as well!

    (And speaking of War Horse, I was thrilled to tears when the brochure for the St. Louis theatre which accomodates touring Broadway productions arrived, and I saw that it was coming in March. THRILLED!)

  12. I'm charmed too! I will keep an eye out for thrift store Breyers that she might want!

  13. Thats so awesome!! It's too bad she does not have a blog!
    I will take any bodys you have, I sent you an E-mail but never heard back form you.
    I have a young friend thatI try to support, she customizes my models for me.

    Awaiting your next post!

  14. Re: character verification.

    One of the best things about commenting on your own blog is that you don't have to deal with that mess. Every time I comment on another blog I am reminded just how difficult it can be, and I am thankful that so many people continue to comment any way!

  15. I'm late to the party, but way to go Grace!!! I don't do realistic either and I have way more fun doing things my way!!

  16. Not every day that I come across a fellow Sophomore named Grace in the hobby that also customizes! (I know this entry is eight years old, but still, sort of?)