Wednesday, September 19, 2012

High country mules

Every year we try to take a mini family vacation to a not so faraway part of Colorado.  This year's destination was Vail.
We timed our trip to coincide with the peak of the fall foliage viewing season, and the drive through the mountains was spectacular.
We stopped at a scenic area just past Frisco to take pictures and do a little bit of exploring.
Imagine my delight when I walked down the road and discovered this! 
This group of mules and horses belong to Summit County Outfitters
Although I have lots of good photos in my packing reference file, it's always nice to see things in person.
The two middle mules wore sawbuck pack saddles
This is the kind of saddle most commonly seen in the model horse hobby. 
 The other mules were fitted with Decker style saddles.  
Unfortunately, both these saddles were covered with packs so I couldn't get any close up pictures. 
I just loved this red molly mule.
Who could resist that face? 
I could have spent an entire day happily watching the outfitters... 
pack up those mules. 
However, the rest of my family was eager to get to Vail.  And you know, that was ok, too! 

(We had a great time.)


  1. That is a gorgeous picture of you and your boys on that rock, Jennifer!! Love the mules too. I just recently caused my whole family to pause while I photographed some mules for my blog - lol! Now to see how long it takes me to get that post up...

  2. I am so envious that you were able to see the colors in the mountains! I've been out to Vail skiing in the winter but have always wanted to come back to see the autumn colors. You are so lucky!

  3. What is it about mules, anyway... they are just too stinkin' adorable! I had never met a mule in my life until I spent one summer working on an 1890s re-creation farm, and there were two Belgian mule geldings. Big boys, both of them, who spent most of their time hanging out in a paddock. Occasionally the Head Farmer Guy would hitch them up and do a little plowing demo in our 1-acre field. I really didn't have much to do with them, unfortunately; would have liked to groom and such but I think I wasn't allowed (too busy carrying water by hand to the hogs, at least when people were watching - after the tourists went home we'd get out the hose, LOL).

  4. Next time I need to remember to pack the tripod so we can get pictures of the entire Buxton family. Fall is really an amazingly beautiful time to visit Vail. Granted, I'm not big on skiing, but I think it's much prettier in September than it is in December!

    RW--Since we're always sharing tales of our horsey travels, I should say that riding a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is near the top of my bucket list... And has been for more than thirty years! Love those long ears!

  5. MULES! :D I'm a suker for mules. :)
    Beautiful landscape!