Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Blog Pony

If you had asked me about "the Blog Pony" yesterday, I would have thought you were talking about this...
or perhaps this. 
Today, however, I have a new perspective.  Thanks to my friend Regan and her son, Russell, I know that this is the Blog Pony. 
See?  "Blog Pony." 
Regan writes:  Here in Fort Collins, near the Senior Center, Russell and I found the Blog Pony. 
The pictures appear to be volunteered from the community.  Many were done by the same artist.  
There were several photographs, several memorials, a few poems and a few fiber art pieces.  
I thought of you at once and figured you might be able to share this on a slow blog day.
Thanks, Regan and Russell for sharing pictures of the Blog Pony.  And who knows, perhaps Grace will be inspired to do something like this to one of her new project ponies!
More information on the Blog Pony and artist J.J. Edwards can be found here.