Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is why...

I didn't go to the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Live Show today!
Instead, Nate, Ryan, James, Rasko, Darcy and I attended the fifth annual Festival of the Bastardino-A Celebration of Mixed Heritage Dogs at Pirate's Cove Aquatic Center and Belleview Park in Englewood, Colorado.   Although we arrived early, the pool was already filled with dogs.
There were small dogs, 
 big dogs,
swimming dogs, 
and dogs dressed like sharks.
There was also one dog that looked so much like my beloved Abbie that it made my heart hurt. 
At first Darcy wasn't sure she wanted to get into the pool. 
"This is weird, Mama." 
Eventually, however, she relaxed...
and started having fun. 
Jumping for joy. 
She made lots of friends...
and ran at least a dozen laps around the pool!
When she finally ran out of energy... 
we headed over to the park to visit all the doggie vendor booths.
Darcy had a great time trying out the agility equipment. 
This dog is a jumper. 
Our last stop was the Good Times booth where we picked up a free Pawbender. 
Nom, nom, nom!
As much as I would have loved to have spent the day playing model horses with my friends in Grand Lake, I think I made the right decision.  What a fun day!


  1. I love it! Darcy's having fun outside the home -- I'm so glad to see it. Yours mayn't've been the easiest decision, I agree; but if your fun accumulated, as it seems to have, you chose rightly. Now I know what a pawbender is.

  2. My dog Misty would have hated it since she is so shy but it would have been fun for Marianne's Pointer mix pup, Jinx. She loves to play. I wonder if she would have liked to swim ... maybe next year I can find out.

  3. I did worry a bit about Darcy hurting herself again, as she's just recently been cleared to exercise. The wet concrete was so slippery and I held my breath every time I'd see one of her legs slide out from underneath her... Fortunately, no damage seems to have been done.

    Sian--the H2O'Brien pool in Parker also had a doggie swim today. Maybe next year we can all go to that one!

  4. That looked like so much fun! I wish I had something like that near me to take my dogs to. I have dock diving competitions instead haha, but the only problem is that there really isn't any playtime for the dogs because we're all competing

  5. I did one of these with Sunny a couple years ago, and should have taken her back this year. Didn't think about it in time! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

    (And yes, that doggie looks a LOT like Abbie... I would have lost it.)

  6. RiderWriter--My kids accused me of stalking the Abbie dog. Probably I was, but honestly, I couldn't help myself. He pranced like her and he even barked like her. Seriously, I heard a dog going off and I knew without even looking which dog it was. I did look, though, and of course I was right. Except for gender, that dog was all Abbie.

  7. Darn, even the same bark?! Wow... if I'd been you I would have made a total fool of myself over that dog, never mind stalking him. I bet when you left the kids were checking the trunk to make sure you hadn't slipped him in there!