Sunday, September 23, 2012

Queen for a day

Everyone should have at least one day in their life where they win... everything.  For me, that day came yesterday at Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire.

The parade of prizes started in the Dog division where Roz...
and Mitzi swept top honors in the Performance division. 
Darling Abbie followed that with a Reserve Championship in the Workmanship division.
The Braymere gang continued their winning ways in the Resin halter division.  BFF was the Draft Champion...
with Jennibray in Reserve. 
 Zefyrr was Reserve Champion Sport Breed,  
Estudioso was Reserve Champion Spanish Breed,  
Vulcan was Champion Gaited Breed, 
Mabel was Champion Pony, 
Khemotigre was Champion Light, 
Heather was Reserve Champion Pony, 
and Squee! and Gimme S'more were Champion and Reserve Foal.
Even more impressive, Validator won Champion Sport and Reserve Champion Overall Resin Halter.
He was bested by Octopurdy who was Champion Stock Breed and Overall Resin Halter Champion.
Khompounded Interest was Overall Champion in the Custom Halter division...
and Octopurdy and Validator claimed top honors a second time in the Workmanship division. 
I also won a couple of the Fun classes, including Sentimental Favorite with Braymere and Rubber.
Poka Tia won the Glyn Haven Trophy... 
and I made out like a bandit in the raffle. 
Since I am fortunate enough to own so many nice horses, I generally expect to do well when I go to a show.  However, this level of winning was unprecedented.  I never expected to come home with so much "stuff."
Thanks to Jane Schneider for holding this show, Jennifer Scott for judging and everyone who helped make my Queen for a Day experience so enjoyable.  It was truly a day I'll never forget.


  1. Holy smokes, you weren't kidding. You really did win everything! Congrats!

  2. Twas a fun day :) And you SO made out like a *bandit*.

  3. (btw, that's me - didn't notice the hubby was signed into Google.)

  4. Not only that, when a fellow shower and I conspired on a "joke" entry for one of the classes, Jennifer took it all in stride and didn't skip a beat.

    It was a fun show and I'm sorry to be missing next weekend's portion!

  5. I'm also sorry to miss next week's installment, but honestly, I don't need to win anything again for a while. That was craziness.

  6. i love those model sized ribbons! too cool!

  7. Congrats!! Quite amazing models you have, so not surprised!!!

  8. What's in the raffle bags and the prize cups? o_O That must have been an amazing day!

  9. Hey, congratulations!


  10. Holy Cow talk about taking the show lol Big Congrads!! That is just awsome!! :D