Thursday, September 20, 2012

Khemonahar Ali!

A couple days ago, I got a text from Tiffany saying she'd just sent me a box.  I figured it was my NAN performance stuff coming home, so I didn't get unduly excited.  In fact, I was so not excited that I didn't schedule my day around the mail delivery.  Instead, I got the kids off to school and went for a long ride.

Fortunately, despite my neglect, the box arrived safe and sound (thanks for the assist, Carol!).

O.o.  Look what was in the box!
Suffice it to say, this was a monumental surprise.
Khemonahar Ali is a Sarah Rose Khemosabi resin with a Sarah Rose Nahar resin head.  
He was customized and painted by Tiffany Purdy and is the reigning NAN Champion in CM/AR Parade/Circus.
Longtime readers might remember my crush on Tiffany's other Khemosabi/Nahar creation, but I can honestly say that I like this one even more.  He is simply one of the most beautiful models I've ever seen.  I can't believe he's standing on my kitchen table.


  1. Very envious. I so wanted to buy him.

  2. Wow. He's beautiful!

  3. *Squeee!* Yes, he is SUPER gorgeous. Loved him in the NAN photos you posted!

    How is it you didn't know you were getting him? You must have made a wagonload of tack for Tiffany! :-)

  4. I think this is Tiffany's way of getting me out of my slump and assuring a wagonload of tack will be headed her way soon.


  5. My word, the color here is so much better than the NAN photo. He wasn't bad then!! Fabulous. Congratulations!

  6. OH MY WORD!!!! I HAVE BEEN IN TOTAL LOVE WITH THAT HORSE!! :D Hes such a beauty! You are so lucky to have Tiffany as a friend. :) I'd be lucky to get a stablemate from a friend :)