Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Purdy donation

Now that I have my coveted bay tobiano Stoneleigh Surprise, what should I do with the grulla?
I could keep him, of course, but I'm really trying not to own multiple copies of a single mold.  He was a gift so I don't feel right selling him, and he's far too nice to include in the gift horse giveaway (sorry!).  I asked Tiffany if she'd like to have him back.  She reminded me that she does not collect original finish models and suggested I donate him to Jane's show.
Logo for Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Fair to be held September 22 and 29 at the  Parker Senior Center in Parker, Colorado
What a perfect idea.  I wish I had thought of it myself!

Grulla Surpise comes with a black leather stable halter made by me.
Although the halter was custom made to fit the Flash mold, it will also fit most small to medium traditional sized models.   
If you are interested in purchasing our Purdy donation, please check out his ad on MH$P!


  1. That's awesome that you donated the grulla. I really loved the tobiano too. He may not be the most limited, but I'm glad I got him.