Monday, September 3, 2012


Who knew free horses would be so popular?

My inbox has been flooded with requests, and I've had a great time reading everyone's emails.  I am doing my best to find just the right horse (or horses!) for each and every person.
Even though I know they're going to good homes, a few of the horses have been surprisingly difficult to part with.  
Safe travels, Impulsiv.  It was nice owning you.
Other horses will not be missed at all!
Each box is checked by Quality Control...
before it's taped up and added to the pile. 
Although I'm nearly out of boxes, there are still more free horses available.  If you're interested, please let me know.  Just remember, you don't get to choose, they're not show horses and you are expected to reimburse shipping charges.


  1. Haha! Who's getting the headless horse?!

  2. Don’t be sad, the horse coming this way will absolutely be loved!!!
    As a matter of fact, I'm so totally psyched with what you are doing! The anticipation is nerve wracking in a marvelously good way!!!

  3. The headless horse is going to be turned into a centaur. Isn't that awesome?!

    I've been wanting to thin the herd for a long time but have struggled with deciding which horses to let go. Giving them away like this makes it SO much easier. Rather than seeing it as a loss, I'm mostly excited for their new owners. I really hope at least one or two recipients will send photos!


  4. OMG. A centaur. That is AWESOME!! Could you ask the centaur-creator to send in photos once it's finished?

  5. Yay! I've saved up all my pennies for the post xD

  6. Hi, I am currently looking to buy some leather for an traditional english saddle and I want to know what you use. My dad found some upholistry leather on and I wanted to know if that would work? I keep telling him that I need thin tooling leather but it's SO expensive and I don't want to buy and entire hide. Also, what weight should it be? 2-3 ounces?

    Thanks, Devon Comstock♥

  7. Hey, i sent you an email but not received a reply? :(

  8. Molly--My inbox really is flooded. I am doing my best to get a horse to everyone, but I may not have time to answer each request personally. Please be patient. I shipped twelve horses this morning and am completely out of boxes (and cash!). The next group probably won't go out until sometime next week.

    Devon--I really like the petite tooling calf and don't use anything else. Unfortunately, as you've discovered it's not cheap and is usually available as a whole hide (when it's available at all). If you are looking for smaller pieces, I'd check with Rio Rondo or do a search on eBay. I've never used upholstery leather so I really can't comment on how well that would work. Sorry!

  9. oh i'm really sorry :(

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Thank you so much for your advice!

    Devon Comstock♥

  11. I had a dream that I saw you at the post office with your arms full of gift horse boxes. I don't know why I was in Colorado...

  12. That is so funny! I actually had too many boxes to carry so I had to make two trips plus use a big carrying bag.