Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Estonia, with love

Model horse collecting is truly an international hobby, but it's fair to say that most collectors come from one of three areas--North America, Western Europe or Australia.  Because of this I was surprised to receive a gift horse request from Estonia.

Tuuli reports that model horses of any type are hard to come by in Estonia but the hobby is gaining momentum.   Currently, there are are about fifty kids subscribed to the Estonian model horse Facebook page.  At twenty three years of age, Tuuli is the oldest, and her collection consists primarily of Schleichs.  

There's nothing wrong with Schleichs, of course, but I think the model horse collectors of Estonia would benefit from an infusion of good old American plastic.  With that in mind, I've put together the following group of models.
This Peter Stone ISH is for Tuuli herself.  
The rest of the horses will be divided between Tuuli and a couple other deserving collectors.  There are three classic sized Breyers, a stablemate,
an old Hartland with an old BCS halter, 
and a repainted Breyer Sham in need of repair. 
These seven horses have been decidedly unappreciated here, but I suspect they will all be super stars in their new homes.  That makes me very happy!

P.S.  No more gift horse requests, please.  I have now given away twenty nine models and still have another five or six recipients left to go.  I am officially out of models, out of boxes and out of energy!


  1. I have a Breyer Thoroughbred mare that i could add to your box for Estonia.. not sure when I could get it to you, though! I would love to send them something, too!

  2. Some of us forget just how lucky we are to have had Breyer horses around for so long.

    I'd love to be a 'fly on the wall' when Tuuli opens her Buxton box!!

    Can you just imagine it.....

  3. Jennifer, if you think that they would like a few more models, would you send me the address please? I have a bunch of foals and a few SM that could be shared out.
    You are an inspiration to our hobby!

  4. Mission accomplished, clearing out your basement spot for the boys and making others happy :)

  5. HEY - please tell me more about that Pinto Hartland! I had a large collection of smaller-sized - I guess you would call them Stablemate-sized - model horses, and I'm pretty sure this guy was one of them. I remember the "fused tail." They were in family groups: b/w Pinto stallion/mare/foal, chestnut, palomino, etc. I can't quite remember. I just know I had at least a dozen and someone gave them to me. I think a teenage babysitter? Alas, they are now gone (chucked by Mom, God bless 'er), but I'd still like to know more if possible. To be honest I've wondered if they'd be worth anything now!

  6. I just Googled "Hartland model horses," and had a look on Model Horse Gallery. Interestingly, I did not see this body style at all... wonder why? If I did get mine from a teenage babysitter, they would have dated (I'm sorry to say) to the late 50s/early 60s, I think.