Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday I had the great pleasure of hosting a model horse tack show and tell with one of my all time hobby idols, Susan Bensema Young.
Sue did not come empty handed.  Instead, she brought with her the most amazing assortment of  Timaru Star II tack including several saddle pads,
 a slew of braided bridles, 
her iconic Elk saddle, 
an older but still magnificent parade set, 
and a brand spanking new harness. 
Additionally, there were several pieces from her tack by other tackmakers collection including this wonderful, hand carved saddle by Evelyn Munday.
Of course it wasn't long before we broke out the tools...
and did a little bit of work. 
Sue showed me how to tie a pineapple knot.  Woo hoo! 
By the end of the visit, my kitchen table was covered in the most glorious mess. 
I didn't let Sue repossess my purloined photograph, but she did go home with a BCS saddle.  
Thank you so much for the wonderful visit, Sue.  I am inspired and humbled by your amazing talent!


  1. Yeah, me too!

    For the record, I *wasn't* speechless yesterday. I talked and talked and talked and TALKED. Fortunately, I also looked and LISTENED. Today I am in the processing stage. I thought this would be a wordier post, but somehow it didn't work out that way!

    I took a lot more pictures of Susan's tack (TSII and otherwise) so expect at least one more post related to this visit, probably tomorrow.

  2. I had a great visit with Susan last year at Springamathing :-) Her work in person is so inspiring!

  3. Envious.....wow....I've never seemed to connect with her...Love her tack!

  4. I remember seeing her stuff in JAH when I was a new hobbyist, probably in the mid-1980's, and becoming practically obsessed. I've also forwarded her website to non-hobbyists who can't picture what a saddle for a 9-inch-tall horse can look like, and have had them completely floored. One person absolutely refused believe they weren't real ("real" as in live-horse size); she insisted the "models" were those life-sized fiberglass ones you see in tack shops.

  5. Imagine my surprise when I popped on here and saw my good friend Sue! Sue introduced me to your wonderful blog, and I am the one watering all her plants while she and her hubby are on vacation....Kim Swanger-Grove

  6. Little Black Car--I was inspired by the article, too. Like your friend, I had the hardest time believing anything that real could possibly be 1:9 scale. I've spent the past couple decades striving to meet the standard. Maybe someday...!

    Here's an old post featuring a scan of that long ago article.

  7. Sue is SO awesome. SO SO awesome.

  8. wow, that Elk saddle is AMAZING! I love it, it's so unique! The saddle by Evelyn Munday is very nice as well!