Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Springamathing resins, part three

Remember this picture from my first post about last month's Springamathing Live Show?
Sad to say, that photo shows the sum total of all the entries in the first four resin halter Draft horse classes.  Needless to say, BFF won the Belgian class... 
and Dhaulagiri won the Percheron class.   
No one won the Clydesdale or Shire classes because no one entered them. Fortunately, the next three classes were a bit better attended.  These included Gypsy Vanner/North American Spotted Draft...
and the always popular Other Pure/Mixed Draft. 
It seems that Colorado showers... 
like their drafters...
with spots! 
The flashy theme continued into the Longears/Exotics class where Brenda Metcalf's loud Appaloosa mule claimed the blue. 
This pretty girl is a customized Mulinette by Frances Stevens, and I am pretty sure she wants to come live with me. 
She would be a wonderful compliment to my own customized Eberl mule, Jennibray!
 One side of the Draft breed callback table.
The Braymere side of the Draft breed callback table. 
Woo hoo!  The championship rosette was awarded to my former bookend horse, Dhaulagiri.  
Reserve went to this pretty roan Scarlet. 
Onto the Ponies!  The first class was a combined Chincoteague/Shetland class.  All four entries belonged to me. 
Welsh Ponies were next. 
Those were followed by Draft Ponies... 
and Stock Ponies. 
In the end, there were three little Braymere ponies on the championship callback table. 
Val McEntee's Fabio was named Champion Pony... 
but my own Poka Tia claimed the Reserve title. 
OK, that's three down and one to go.  Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to the Springamathing resins series.


  1. Im working on my third custom and he's an arabian gelding i think he's going to be rabicano. i was just hoping you could post a couple reference pictures at the end of your post of the ribs on the side of a horses body mine are good but i just want to check placement! thanks! i love your blog

  2. I loved seeing "Grand Design" in your last post. Thank you for sharing pictures of him, Jennifer!

    I thought I'd add a couple ids to a few beauties in your post today. The stunning heavy sabino Scarlett in today's post is another Michaud piece, owned by Brenda Metcalf. I don't recall who painted the gorgeous roan Scarlett, but she is also owned by Brenda. I love them both!

    Congratulations to your Braymere herd, Jennifer! I really enjoy these show reports!

  3. Hi!
    What is it a company? These horses are beautiful! Where can I buy these horses? You have got a nice blog. :) My blog is - i'm from Poland :)
    Regards ;)

  4. Well, you KNOW I love Dhaulagiri (and not just because she's grey - I happen to really like Perchies), but my other favorite is that muley girl! She is GORGEOUS. Yes, she would make a fine companion to Jennibray... :-)

  5. Nice!
    I love Poka Tia! So cute!