Thursday, June 7, 2012

Springamathing customs

Although judging was my main focus during the recent Springamathing live show in Golden, Colorado, I did try my best to pay attention to the Custom and Resin halter rings.  Today's post is all about the customs.  

The foal class was first and both the top placings...
went to minis. 
The Arab/Half Arab class was extremely competitive.
There were a lot of really nice Weather Girl customs... 
including this brand new piece by Elizabeth Bouras and owned by Heather Malone. 
In the end, the blue ribbon went to Brenda Metcalf's Purdy girl... 
with my my Purdy girl in second and my Pope girl in third. 
Spanish was next. 
Quiver had to settle for fourth this time.
This customized Moody was second... 
right behind Lisa Bickford's Alborozo. 
Eeeee--those mane and tail decorations are so cute! 
Onto Sport! 
Once again, there were a lot of new faces. 
"New" is a relative term, of course.  I hadn't seen this haired Phar Lap before, but he looks more like a good vintage piece rather than a new creation.
The Sport class winner was a rearing Akhal Teke customized by Sue Kern and painted and owned by Lisa Bickford. 
Stock Horses were divided into solid and spotted colors.  I'm not sure who won what, but I am always happy to see Nancy Dement's old Fraley Lady Phase... 
 and Heather Malone's Pamala Hutton semi rearing mustang.
New-to-me faces in the solid colored class included a customized Ideal... 
and this Smart Chic O' Lena. 
Since Tiffany's darling Touch of Pink is temporarily residing in Colorado, I entered her in the Pony class.  She placed third...  
behind this Midnight Tango... 
and this little mini. 
A cold painted Eberl Valentin china won the Draft class.   
The division wrapped with a big and little Longears class. 
Lisa's Akhal Teke was named Overall Champion of the Custom Halter division... 
and the Eberl drafter earned Reserve honors. 
Congratulations to all the winners!


  1. I judged the SCO at Regan's show - it's got some issues still but the color is lovely.

    Love Heather M's Weathergirl, very pretty.

  2. Vintage or not I'm in love with that Phar Lap. What is it with older CMs making me go over the moon with joy while with newer ones I go "Oh, yeah, that's nice."?

  3. Great customs!
    Love love love the Akhal Teke!


  4. I'm retiring Shibida, the old tired Lady Phase. She's too well known in this area, but she does very well in other states/regions! She was CM'd by Lynn and painted by Sarah M-B. She will always have a place in my heart, as there is a very touching reason as to why she is my favorite model. I don't have many resins or customs left, and most are old and retired now.

  5. I painted that black App Valentin. So exciting to see him do so well! :-) Just found this pic today, 5/14/2014