Monday, June 11, 2012

Springamathing resins, part one

The Traditional/Classic size Resin Halter division at last month's Springamathing live show in Golden, Colorado opened with a huge and tough Arabian Stallion class.
I am usually the only person around her who shows my halter horses with tack, so this rabicano Ahzam immediately caught my eye. 
On close inspection, however, it's obvious that his tack was made by a sculptor rather than a tackmaker.  
Close up of his rabicano markings. 
As nice as that boy was, I was even more impressed with the other Ahzam. 
This beautiful model was painted by Carol Williams and owned by Brenda Metcalf.  He placed second in the class.
First went to another one of Brenda's horses, an Eberl Jamil painted by Caroline Boydston. 
The Arabian Mare/Gelding class was much smaller with just three entries. 
There were two separate classes for Half Arabians--National Show Horse and Half Arab.  I chose to enter Andromeda Melody in the National Show Horse class, and it turned out that she was the only entrant.
The Half Arabian class was a bit better attended.
The winner of that class was this pretty customized Rose Khemosabi resin. 
Even with the small classes, there were some very nice horses on the Light Breed Championship callback table. 
In the end, judge Yashka Hallein chose Brenda's two Arabians for the top honors. 
The Gaited/Spanish division was next.  My own Vulcan was the only entry in the Saddlebred class. 
The Tennessee Walking Horse class was only a bit bigger, with just three entries.   
Sheila Bishop's Independence won the blue... 
placing just ahead of Brenda's Independence. 
Onto the Iberians!  Not Fred Estudioso had to settle for second this time. 
That was fine with me, since the blue ribbon went to my other entry in the class.  This is Inesperado, a Rose Deseoso painted by Cathy Wallden. 
Morgen Kilbourn's personal copy of her Johann sculpture won the Mixed/Other Gaited class. 
This piece was painted by Carol Huddleston.  Amazing finishwork! 
The Championship rosette for this division went to Sheila's Fierce Juice. 
Vulcan won the Reserve. 
Sport horses and stock horses are next!


  1. I have seen both of those Azahms in person and both are huge favorites of mine. The Arab tack on the rabicano was made by his painter, Steph Michaud. Both of those horses are stunning works!

  2. Thanks for the information! I *thought* the rabicano was a Michaud, but I wasn't sure. Brenda has so many amazing horses. I know I missed a few, but it still seemed as if I spent the entire day asking her who painted what. She probably thought I was a major pest!

  3. I had to go back and make sure that I hadn't referred to him as "Jane's Indy" before I published this post. I'm thinking it's going to be a while before he really seem's like "Sheila's Indy" to me.


    1. Very cool post! With the two Independence resins, how does the judge choose one over the other?