Saturday, June 9, 2012

Consolation prize

Well, we won't have another, at least not this year.  

Still, as consolation prizes go, that Belmont was a good one.  I have been a Michael Matz fan stretching way back into his jumper days so was really pleased to see Union Rags poke his big blazed face in front at the wire.
Photo by Charlie Riedel/Associated Press 
Since the race didn't have any great historical significance, I mostly listened to--rather than watched--the broadcast.  This gave me lots of time to work on Tiffany's showring style Arabian costume bridle.
It still has a ways to go, but this was the longest tack session I've managed in weeks.  It felt good to be working, and I am optimistic that the upcoming week will be a productive one.  I certainly hope so, anyway!

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