Saturday, June 2, 2012

Circus tack

In the model horse world, circus tack tends towards the fanciful.  Feathers abound and straps are adorned with all matter of sparkly embellishments.

At the Carson & Barnes Circus, however, the tack is decidedly utilitarian.  The liberty horses wore a very basic training rig that included a snaffle bridle, surcingle with back pad, side reins and a crupper.
Here's a closer look at that surcingle.  It buckles only on the left side... 
and is completely bling-free. 
Additionally, most of the horses wore nylon halters under their bridles.
They looked handsome in their workmanlike tack, but I have to admit that I was hoping for a little glitz!
Fortunately, the pony's outfit was a bit more model horse-esque.
 Here's the other side...
and a close up look at the back pad.   
Since I have to make a pink pony costume before NAN, these photos should come in handy! 
Of course you can't have a dog and pony show without a dog or two!  Most of the dogs wore just nothing more than a fancy collar...
but the "flying dog" donned a sparkly cape.  Too cute! 
And because I know that there are a few camels floating around the model horse hobby, here's a look at a camel saddle.  
It's quite similar to a sawbuck pack saddle with an added sidebar.  The camel also wears a two string cinches and a pretty ordinary looking nylon halter. 
Still more circus photos to come!


  1. Plain tack and pretty plain horses. Is that a gray with spots painted on???

  2. @Dom I was thinking the same thing!

    Thanks for sharing these photos, I have a CM Gretel in the works who might just have a future in a dog and pony show.

  3. Yeah, supposedly that's a leopard Appaloosa but... um.... not so convincing!

    I have to say, though, that there are a few hobby artists who would probably do a knock out job of turning a white grey horse into a leopard Appaloosa. I'd love to see it anyway!

  4. In the 4th photo down, did you notice that the horse isn't even an Appaloosa?

  5. I was just about to mention the not-quite-appaloosa horse too but it seems I've been beaten to it... :)