Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saddle iguanas revisited

I had hoped to share finished pictures of Tiffany's circus costume today, but some days are just too busy for tackmaking... or blogging.

Fortunately, thanks to Cory Sanford and her amazing saddle iguanas, I had a back-up plan. 
The first two pictures show Cory's younger iguana, Baby wearing one of Cory's newest creations.  Doesn't he look pleased with himself?  
Ever wonder how a person goes about saddle training an iguana?  With Mango treats, of course. 
Nom, nom, nom!  Moo is a messy eater so feeding has to wait until after the tack is removed.
Post feeding bath! 
Here's another look at Cory's wonderful tack, this time on an actual horse rather than an iguana. 
Beautiful as always, Cory.  Thanks so much for sharing!


  1. I'm amazed at how beautiful and expressive the iguanas are..!

  2. I love the sweet expression on his face. His mouth is adorable!

  3. I have to admit--I would never choose a reptile as a pet. Despite that, I am charmed by Moo and Baby. They are so much more expressive and personable than I realized. I wish I could meet them in person!

  4. Funny! XD
    The tack is amazing!


  5. If we get to go on vacation in Colorado this year you just might get to meet them in person...or rather one of them! Two is WAY too much on a trip!

    ~ Cory

  6. You travel with your iguanas?! Do they ride in a cage or do they stand on the seats and stick their heads out the window like a dog? Inquiring minds want to know!

    In either case, all the Sanfords--reptilian and otherwise--have a standing invitation to visit the Buxton house anytime.