Thursday, June 28, 2012

Native American saddlery at the Old West Show & Auction

Today's photos feature some of the Native American tack and regalia that was on display at Brian Lebel's Cody Old West Show and Auction which was held last weekend at the Denver Merchandise Mart.  Once again, I'm mostly focusing on items featured in the auction and all information comes directly from the catalog.

First up is this lovely Crow frame saddle.  It is shown atop a Cree saddle blanket that is made of wool and cotton cloth with multicolor leaf and floral designs.
I haven't seen a saddle this nice outside of a museum so I took lots...
and lots...
of detail shots!
There is no rule against touching the auction items so I also peeked under the cover to get a better look at the rigging.
Here's another Crow item.  This martingale is made of red trade cloth and Muslin and features multicolored beadwork in geometric patterns.
This beaded pad saddle is of Cree origin.
 The tassels are made of yarn and feature glass tubular beads.
I love horse masks so I was especially taken with this Santee Sioux hide mask.
It is quilled in a leaf and flower pattern and sewn in sections with fringe along both the seams and edges.
Another mask, this one was on the show room floor and didn't have any visible documentation.
Isn't it neat? 
 Speaking of neat...
 This old McClellan saddle has been covered with contemporary beadwork.
Detail of the pommel...
 and the included saddlebags.
As always, tack and costume makers are welcome to save these pictures for reference purposes.  Please do not republish without permission!


  1. Cool pics! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the pictures! That Crow frame and Cree saddle pad look like the costume I show that was made by Cary Nelson! The Crow breast plate is very similar to what she made!
    You are so lucky to be able to attend such a wonderful auction!

  3. I love Cary's costumes and definitely want to own one someday.

    This is really just a glimpse of what was on display at this year's show and auction. More than anyone else, the vendors with Native American artifacts seemed jumpy about having their items photographed. Because of this, I didn't publish a lot of the pictures I took including one of a Crow bridle that matched the saddle and martingale almost exactly. :(

  4. They look awesome!
    Thanks for posting!