Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Almost wordless Wednesday

Today's bonus post features a selection of photos taken during the last two weeks at Big Iron Ranch.  There are two separate themes represented here--Pistol's new filly and the wind.  Enjoy!


  1. Amazing how no one is truly pissed.... :D

  2. What? I'm not sure I understand your comment!

    Trillium seemed a bit incredulous that we were actually going to ride during the tornado. However, once she got over the initial shock, we had one of our best dressage lessons ever. As we finished up, Aline said, "You guys are ready to show."

    Ha ha ha! I'm still laughing about that one!

  3. Ya know, I know a good place to dip your feet into the show arena and I know someone who's good at reading tests ;)

  4. Even if Aline was amenable, I'm pretty sure that the car repair extravaganza has wiped out all the fun money for the next little bit. Plus, just because Aline thinks we're ready doesn't mean we're actually ready!

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