Saturday, June 16, 2012


Like so many horse people, Trillium's owner Aline is a Jack Russell terrier fan.  This week, Aline and her family are on vacation in Florida, and I am working off my board bill by puppysitting Bea and Max.
This is Bea.
She's taller and daintier than Max, and I think she's really pretty.
Max is low and wide and very laid back.
Although Bea and Max are not littermates, they've been together most of their lives and are nearly inseparable.
This presented a real challenge to Darcy.  Would she be allowed to join their club?  
Max's initial reaction was no.
There was a lot of barking and chasing at first...
(fortunately, Darcy loves barking and chasing)...
but now they're one big happy family. 
Darcy has been very good about sharing her toys and treats and beds.  However, she draws the line at letting them use the furniture.  After all, every one knows the Buxton's couch is off limits to dogs. 
We're all having a lot of fun with the pups...
but Lordy, they're a handful! 
It's going to be a very interesting week...


  1. I have to jack russells myself and they are the most wonderful dogs on the planet. SOOOO much character!

  2. HI! Welcome to the world of I have 2 also! Mine are also a tall and short variety and it is amazing the difference in facial and bone structure between the 2. Your delightful boarders look a lot like my girls!
    Have fun with them! And yes....handful and a half!

  3. Adorable!
    Good luck! LOL!