Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Springamathing resins, part two

Resin halter was truly a feast or famine division at last month's Springamathing live show in Golden, Colorado.  

The Thoroughbred class was one of the feasts, both in quantity and quality.  The judging table was covered in horses sculpted and painted by the incomparable Carol Williams, including  this lovely bay Valor who was the eventual class winner.
 Second place honors went to Dayle Steinke's Seattle Slew who was, I think, the only non-Williams sculpt to bring home a ribbon.  He is shown next to Dayle's other Thoroughbred, a Venator that was painted and sculpted by Carol.
My Victrix, Hummingbreeze, who was painted mostly by me picked up the third place ribbon, but my Valor not place at all.  I kind of hate it when that happens!  
The Warmblood class--which is usually well attended--had just three horses and they were all Eberls.  Val McEntee's big Trakehner was the winner, placing ahead of my Valentino...
and Teresa's Lancelot.
Akhal Teke/Nez Perce was also a three horse class, and all three of those horses belonged to me.  That's Zefyrr with the blue, Frank with the red and Alyosha with the yellow. 
The Other Pure/Mixed Sport Horse was another feast. 
There were several beautiful new-to-Colorado faces on the table... 
but it was Brenda Metcalf's Grand Design who made the biggest impression. 
Grand Design is a Carol Williams Valor painted by Karen Beeson.  I've had the pleasure of seeing him before...
but he is no less mesmerizing upon repeated viewings. 
Sport Horse division champion and reserve honors went to Brenda's Valor and Val's Artorious. 
Stock Horses were next, and right from the beginning it was obvious that the pendulum had swung back to famine.  This was the entire Quarter Horse class. 
Oh well, that's two more NAN cards for the Braymere gang!
The Paint class was small, but not that small. 
Top honors went to Brenda's lovely Matriarch that was sculpted and painted by Carol Williams.   
My own Glambert was second.  This guy usually places behind the Lone Stars (mine and Val's) so it was nice to see him claim a NAN card for a change. 
The Appaloosa class was won by Surprise, an Eberl Carlito painted by Sheila Bishop and owned by Teresa Fedak.  Brenda Metcalf's customized Ravenhill Revisited place second.  He is yet another one of her amazing Carol Williams pieces. 
Coloradans like their Mustangs and this class is usually huge...  Not this time!
My Caldero by Kate Schick benefited from the smaller class size.  Like Glambert, he generally places in the middle of the pack.  It was nice to see him step up and do a bit better this time!
The division ended with the Other Pure/Mixed Stock class.  Prodigal Daughter placed second in that one.
I don't think I've ever had this many horses on the table for a resin halter Stock Breed Division callback.  Woo hoo!  Don't they look pretty? 
In the end, however, Champion and Reserve honors went to a pair of horses on the non-Buxton side of the table.   
Both these models are owned by Teresa Fedak.  I don't know the particulars on the Mustang, but the Appaloosa is a Sencillo resin sculpted by Jennifer Scott and painted by Sheila Bishop. 
Drafts, ponies and foals are next!


  1. Weird question that has nothing to do with the post at hand: Do you know of any good resources for learning to put on and hitch a pleasure harness? I've read through all the (awesome) harness-related posts on your blog, but I'm still not clear on a few things, such as how the harness straps wrap around the shafts of the cart, etc.

  2. Lots of lovely horses! I have a question (as usual :-): How do judges go about placing a class when a number of horses are the exact same model, e.g. three Valors, two Victrixes, etc.? Seems to me it would come down to the paint job, but I don't know. I'm sure if one was missing an ear tip or something that would obviously have an impact, but if they all/both have spectacular paint jobs (which to this humble observer looks to be the case in that TB class), how the heck does the judge pick one? Personal preference? Doesn't seem fair...

  3. Anon--I have to confess--I am not a harness expert. I've never actually driven a horse and most of my harness knowledge comes from Susan Bensema Young's book, The Guide to Making Model Horse Tack. I'm sure there are a lot of good reference books out there, but none of them are sitting on my book shelf. Sorry I can't be of more help!

    RW--When it comes to judging, I can only speak for myself, and it's fair to say that I would have judged the Thoroughbred class differently. I usually place by mold first and then paintwork. So, if I thought Valor was the best representative of a anatomically correct TB then I would place all the Valors in a group, then all the next best molds and on down the line. As for differentiating between identical molds, that's when the finishwork (prep and paint) comes into play. Of course, really wonderful or horrendously awful finishwork might move a mold a step or two away from the rest of it's brothers or sisters, but that's the exception rather than the rule.

    Does that make sense? I am just back from a really hot and not so successful riding lesson and I think my brain is a little bit fried!

  4. The App owned by Teresa F is Tortilla! :D Dunno the other one though...

    You should have grabbed me so I could have feasted on the loveliness that IS that Beeson App.. shame on you!

    (I know, my head was buried in a perf entry.)

  5. That yellow Khan is gorgeous.

    But I am rather horrified by the lack of resin QHs! I guess they're all in my collection collecting dust....

    Do miss model showing. Maybe in the future when I'm not so busy showing the real thing I can come back up there...

  6. As best as I could tell, there were only four people who brought a significant number of resins to this show--Brenda Metcalf, Teresa Fedak, Val McEntee and myself. Teresa Buzzell had a horse or two, as did Sheila Bishop and Karen Gerhardt. Still, it was a pretty small pool and that really, REALLY showed in some of the classes. Trust me, if I had known the QH class was going to be that small, I'd have packed my Whiplash, too!

  7. Ahh, I see what you mean: Valors were first and third instead of one and two in the TB class... I know your guy usually does really well (not that third is terrible). But I guess the judge(s) must have been gaga over the bay, since I see he went on to earn overall Grand Champion! Don't get it, personally... you know I would have pinned that grey first. :-)

  8. The chestnut appy is just gorgeous! Do you know who painted it?

    1. It looks like a Carol William piece, but I can't be sure.

  9. Thanks! Her pieces are just so pretty.