Saturday, July 31, 2021

August horses

When I look back on this month, the first horse I think of is Delilah.
I have really enjoyed getting to know this bold, little mare.
It's been a real treat seeing the world through her ears.
Other July mounts included dear, sweet Stealth...
and another Morgan mare named Sky.
Sky and her owner relocated from California to Florida this month. The move did not go smoothly, and Sky ended up staying in Colorado for ten days. I took care of her while her owner was away. She's a nice, uncomplicated mare both on the ground and in the saddle. I liked her very much.
She's also the first horse I've ever ridden that wears boots on the trail. I posted this picture on Facebook, and more than a couple people remarked on my own footware.
It got worse before it got better, but I am ending the month with a new pair of Ariats.
The month's random horse photo selection includes this shot of Delilah with her bestie, Scarlett.
Scarlett's pretty face.
This fluffy boy is named Lucky.
Here he is again, with nearly as fluffy Nash.
Nash, by himself.
And finally, there's Rhino.
This little chonk is everybody's favorite.
So cute!
Despite record high temperatures and lots of bad air, this was a good horse. Here's looking forward to an even better August!

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