Monday, November 30, 2020

November horses: Flynn, again

Between my finger injury, cold weather, the holiday and 2020 fatigue, I spent less time at the barn than usual at the this month.

Still, I enjoyed several good rides on Lucy, one fun ride on Thunder and a couple very spicy rides on Stealth.
I also rode Flynn multiple times.
He's a well trained, older horse, so the main purpose of our rides is to get him out and get him moving. We walk, trot and canter and do a little lateral work, nothing too exciting. Flynn's gaits are big and thrusty, and when I first started riding him, I couldn't sit his trot at all. That's getting better with each ride. Today, we did almost as much sitting trot as posting trot. 
Good boy, Flynn!
As much as I love going down the trail, it's nice having an arena horse in my life again. Flynn has been a wonderful addition to my real horse life. Despite everything, I feel so fortunate.

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