Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Circle C Girl Scout Show

Today it's back to model horses with this really great post by Stephanie Blaylock. Thank you, Stephanie!

Circle C Girl Scout Show 

by Stephanie Blaylock

People always ask how do we bring new young people into the hobby, especially young people who have never heard of model horse showing and don’t own models? Here's one way.

Last weekend, program director, Cathy Thacker, and I held a model horse as part of our our Girl Scout programming at Circle C Equestrian Center, located in central North Carolina. We stripped the regular show format down to the bare basics and used donated Breyer models.
We sorted the models by breed type and marked them with colored yarn. Each table of girls received one horse of each breed type.
This was a great system that was easy to understand
Books were provided so the girls could research breeds for their documentation.
Hobby literature and breed lists, too.
First class!
The girls surprised me with their breeds!
Cute ribbons and cheering for the winners was very exciting!
Winners! And more impressive breed assignments.
There was lots of trying.
Someone really, really enjoyed their research!
Everyone had a great time.
Happy girls and future hobbyists?
We can only hope!

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