Sunday, January 31, 2021

January horses

If you live in Denver, you expect snow in January. None of it lasted long, however, and none of it kept us out of the saddle.
I've already shared most of the month's most memorable rides, but the others were good, too.
I think I could ride this stretch of trail for another twenty years and not get bored.
It's coyote breeding season now, and we're seeing a coyote or two on every ride. Here's one from today.
In addition to Stealth, Lucy and Thunder, I also rode Guaranteed a few times while his owner was out of town. He's a good boy, and I feel honored to be trusted with him.
In less happy news, this was also the month when I said goodbye to my big, sweet friend, Flynn. No drama. His owner moved him to a new barn that better suits her needs. I was invited to go with them, but given the location, I don't see that working out.
I know Flynn is happy in his new home, but I already miss looking through his big, floppy ears.
Between the weather and NaMoPaiMo, February isn't usually a great riding month. Still, I feel optimistic that this year will be better, and I'm looking forward to going down that trail again and again and again in the days and weeks to come.

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