Saturday, November 30, 2019

November horses, Samson

Long-time readers may have noticed an old familiar face in the middle of today's first post.
Eight years ago, I leased a Welsh Cob dressage pony named Trillium. She lived at Big Iron Ranch in Watkins, Colorado, and her room-mate was a big pinto gelding named Samson.
I'm not usually a draft horse girl, but Samson was blessed with a serious case of the cutes and the personality to match. It was impossible not to love him.
I took almost as many pictures of Samson as I did of Trilli, and he was a fan favorite every time he appeared on this blog.
Samson left Big Iron sometime in 2012. I lost track of him for several years, before spotting him at a local stable in 2017. I've seen him periodically since then, but always from afar.
Earlier this month, I heard some of my barn friends talking about the big, cute, new horse in the gelding field. I walked over to see for myself, and it was Samson!
Of course, I was absolutely delighted to see him.
He's as cute as ever,
and he still has the best eyes.
I've now met his new owners, who are very nice.
I've told them about my history with Samson, and warned them that there will be a lot of photos.
So, so many photos!
It's been strange and wonderful to look out at the field and see one of my old favorite horses standing amidst my so many of my current favorite horses. Welcome to Kenlyn, Samson. I am so happy you're here.


  1. Awe! He's so adorable. You should totally make him into a custom!

    1. I kind of did. My customized Roundabout resin sports his tobiano pattern, but in a different color and without the amazing eyes.