Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June horses

The corona virus has kept me close to home, but fortunately, it's no longer keeping me out of the saddle. 
Thanks to Stealth...
and the world's best barn buddies, this has been a good month of riding.
The river bottom has been mostly impassable due to downed trees and swampy mud, so our rides have expanded outward. 
Riding around the edge of this big pasture adds about a mile to our regular loop. 
It also gives us a nice mountain view from the top of this rise. 
Heading out the other way, there's an old section of trail that's just reopened after seven years of reforestation.
Nicknamed "The Rollercoaster," this narrow trail goes up...
and down... 
 and up... 
and down.
I'd only ridden this trail once before it closed. That was on Rev, who cantered sideways almost the entire way.
This time I did it on Stealth mostly at a walk. It was a lot more enjoyable. 
Since so many people are still out of work, we often cross paths with cyclists, runners and walkers. 
Other trail sighting include jets... 
and deer.
The deer are out in force right now. We see them on almost every ride.
This sweet girl is called Tripod. She broke a hind leg several years ago, and we thought she was a goner, but no. 
She's still here, and she seems to be thriving.
Most of our deer are mule deer, but we have a few white tails, too. 
I like this one. She's the same color as Darcy! 
Less welcome are the bugs. The trails are buzzing with insects so I've amassed a nice collection of head shake photos. This is Lucy.
And this is Stealth. 
On a sadder note, we said goodbye to one of Kenlyn's elder statesmen this month.
Less than a week later, Mi Rizon's owner, Greg, broke his leg in a freak trail accident. I thought that might be the last we saw of him, but horse people are tough. Greg has found a new way to enjoy his time at the barn!
This is 2020 and there's no telling what next month will bring, but I am hoping for more good riding days to carry me through.


  1. Those head shakes crack me up. The deer do it too. Congrats on whitetails. PA's got them and elk, just not Muleys.

  2. I just got back from horse camp and I had so much fun! I rode this lazy horse named Jellybean. Although Jellybean would never go past a trot I love her! I can't wait to ride again.

  3. Glad you're getting some saddle time! Beautiful views between beautiful ears.