Monday, November 29, 2021

Black Friday

 I had to work on Black Friday.

I missed Anne Field's Semi-Live Sale and pretty much all the other hobby Black Friday sales.
behind the scenes at Anne's Black Friday sale
This would have been disappointing if I worked somewhere else.
Earlier in the week, we received several palettes of inventory from some of our Black Friday featured vendors, including LeMieux.
LeMieux makes all those matchy matchy horse and rider outfits that we all love or hate.
Right before we opened the first box, I said, "I'll be fine as long as there isn't any olive green."
So now I've got a pile of LeMieux products hanging out on the employee hold shelf while I decide if Olive needs brushing boots, polo wraps or - as Teresa suggests - both.
I don't even have a saddle that fits her yet. 
Clearly I can not be trusted in Dover, alone or otherwise.


  1. Love or hate! Fortunately I love, even though I've never ridden English. I like the blaze orange.
    Olive appears to have chosen her color regardless. You have a default weakness, which could be very handy.

  2. I feel that last photo in my soul. I love it XD

    1. It's one of the brand new t-shirts we just got last week!