Saturday, November 30, 2019

November horses

Despite multiple significant snowstorms, November was a pretty good horse month. 
Kenlyn Psyclone
Weather cancelled a lot of rides, but I still managed to look through six different pairs of ears. 
Stealth, Guaranteed, Escapade
Cisco, Lucy, Scarlett
I also spent a ridiculous amount of time grooming.
Oh, Lucy
This is the worst part of winter weather. I don't mind the snow and cold nearly as much as I mind the mud it leaves in its wake.
At least the snow is pretty.
Yesterday we had snow and frozen fog. It was extremely cold, but so very beautiful.
After we gave out all the carrots, I spent a little extra time in the gelding field taking pictures of Cricket, 
and Thunder.
Here's a really nice sequence of Thunder rolling.
November was a pretty good horse month, but I hope December - or at least the first half of it! - will be a little bit warmer!

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