Thursday, October 31, 2019

October horses, Santana

Santana's owner took some time off this summer, and she spent most of that time at the barn.
photo by Mary Jo Stark
I was happy for her, happy for him and since I have plenty of horses to ride, having one taken off my list didn't seem like a big deal.  And it wasn't, at least not at first, but as the weeks turned into months, I realized that I really missed riding Santana.
I missed it so much.
Santana went back on my riding schedule two weeks ago. I don't know if he's happy about this, but I am delighted to resume our bareback wanderings.
I missed this so much.
It's so good to see the world through his ears again.
I may have plenty of horses to ride, but I'll always have time for Santana.
I love him so much!

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