Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fabian's NaMoPaiMo party

Yesterday a whole bunch of Colorado hobbyists gathered together at Fabian's house in Thornton...
Melissa Addison, Jennifer Buxton, Renae Keller, Yashka Hallein, Fabian's cousin Brianna, Heather Malone, Teresa Buzzell, Heather Roell and Fabian Rodriguez
to paint models... 
and eat cake. 
There were too many of us for Fabian's upstairs studio... 
so we took over the kitchen and dining room instead.
Not everyone painted, but Fabian's cousin, Brianna,
Fabian and I all made good progress on our models.
Melissa's Thunderbutt had to leave early,
but here's the end of the day group work in progress photo.
These first two belong to Brianna, who was painting for the first time.
This little guy represents the four seasons. 
No surprise, the grey Andalusian belongs to Fabian... 
as does the Okapicorn. The roan stablemate is Nae's test piece. He has three different types of roaning on him. 
Poor Bubbles was mostly untouched, but I did a lot of work on Moosifer
At this point, he is very nearly finished.
We stayed until the cake was eaten...
and everyone had retired to the couch to check their phones. 
Painting parties are the essence of NaMoPaiMo. Thank you, Fabian. Yesterday was wonderful!