Saturday, January 23, 2021

Back to photo showing

I had big plans for the Winter Fun Photoshow, and I started taking pictures the day the classlist was announced.

Then I got distracted by the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge, the Winter PonyBytes Fun Photo Show, the holidays and NaMoPaiMo. As a result, most of my entries never made it out of the idea stage. 
Despite that, I had a decent show. Theodore won the Winter Sports and Games class with one of his pictures from the Field of Dolls Online Show
Similarly, Love N Stuff won December Celebrations with her Deck the Stalls entry from the Winter PonyBytes Fun Photo Show.
Hoka Hey, BFF, Uno and Rat Bait each earned and a virtual ribbon...
and BFF won the "Would Hang on My Wall" award for her December Celebrations photo from judge Machteld. In the end, I was the fourth highest placed shower, behind European superstars, Dora Duftschmied, Lea Magga and Cold Ruru. All three are superb photographers, and I don't think I was going to beat any of them regardless. Still, I wish I had finished my photos. 
I am really busy with NaMoPaiMo right now, so I was going to take a break from photo showing. Then I saw the class list for Shannon Rodgers' Hindsight is 2020 Fun Online Photo Show and got sucked right back in.
This is a perfect show for me right now. It's got a short class list, and I was able to use a lot of my existing photos. Of course, I wanted to take a few new ones, too, so today I cleaned up my indoor arena, and got to work.
I always forget how long it takes to stage and shoot pictures. I thought I'd get through at least half a dozen tonight, but so far I've only managed two. This is Queen B's entry for "Always a Bridesmaid"...
and Love N Stuff's "Big Winners" set-up.
It had to be done.
I really like going all out for shows, so these half efforts feel weird. Still, I love photo showing and half efforts are better than no efforts. Besides, entry for Hindsight doesn't close until tomorrow at midnight. With any luck, I just might get through my list of photos.

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