Wednesday, January 6, 2021

My NaMoPaiMo sign-up

As of this morning, ninety eight people have registered to paint during this year's NaMoPaiMo.

In keeping with tradition, I am posting my sign up here. My name is Jennifer Buxton. I am (almost) fifty two years old and live in Aurora, Colorado, USA.
This is my fifth NaMoPaiMo. Despite feeling like a total beginner, I chose Advanced Amateur as my skill level.
I will be painting a customized Ballycor resin.
My goal is to make her a light chestnut sabino, similar to the horse in the photo below, but perhaps with more white. She will be a mixed media piece.
Beyond painting, I am looking forward to a month of education, excitement, encouragement and - most of all - community. Can it be February now? I can't wait!


  1. hi Jennifer, thank you for running this again, would you like prize donations?

  2. Your NaMoPaiMo horses are always beautiful, I can't wait to see what you do this time!

  3. I am excited we will have another set of twin horses in our collections!