Saturday, January 16, 2021

A different kind of painting challenge

NaMoPaiMo isn't the only painting challenge trending on social media this month. The #ArtistDogChallenge has been all over my Facebook feed. That sounded like something my dogs would enjoy, so today, Darcy, Emma and Zia all tried their mouths hands at painting.

To supplies for this challenge include an artist canvas or equivalent, acrylic paint, saran wrap or a plastic bag and peanut butter.
We squirted little puddles of paint on to the canvas.
Then we covered the canvas with a sheet of saran wrap that was slathered with peanut butter.
Zia went first. 
Initially, she was a little hesitant, but it didn't take her long to get into the swing of things.
Good girl, Zia.
Darcy went next.
She didn't need any encouragement. Clearly, she is a natural born artist.
When she finally came up for air, she looked right at me, and - I kid you not - indicated that although she was enjoying this, it would be easier for her if the canvas was angled.
I relayed this information to James, and he acted as her easel.
She thanked him by licking off every single molecule of the peanut butter.
Good girl, Darcy.
Emma was the last to paint, and predictably, she needed the most instruction.
Come on, Emma.
Come on, Emma.
Fortunately, Seth stepped in and gave her a hand, and she was able to finish her painting.
Good girl, Emma.
Zia's painting went home with her, but here's a better look at my girls' artwork.
No joke, I'm going to hang these in my house.
I still have two canvases left. I'm sure Darcy would be happy to paint again, but I'm also wondering if this could be adapted to work with horses. I kind of suspect a trash bad and a bottle of molasses could turn Scarlett into the next Frida Kahlo!


  1. If swear Emma and our dog molly are cut from the same cloth, she would only do something like that with a tonne of encouragement and then she would only being doing it cause you wanted her too. Did you get my Email about Show Jumper photos?

    1. I don't think so? Which email did you send it to?

    2. ah hold up I think I had a typo which means you won't have gotten my intonational Breyer one either I don't think.

      I will re send both.

    3. ok I have resent it to the email

  2. I want to try this with my horse now.

  3. I love It I need to try it with my dogs.

  4. I wonder how this would work with a cat?

  5. What a unique piece of artwork! I'd hang it, too! They're lovely.

  6. I really love both of these paintings. The bottom one has a really excellent pink and black wave that is super cool. Definitely a cool idea.