Saturday, January 30, 2021

Side projects: Trifle

My NaMoPaiMo horse is prepped, primed and ready to paint. I am eager to get started, but rules are rules. It's not February, so she has to wait.

Instead, I decided to dust off one of my longest running project ponies: Trifle.
Trifle is a rare Sommer Prosser Wild Heather resin. Cast in 2002, less than fifteen of these ponies were ever produced. I bought mine in February 2012.
The original resin has a wild, windswept mane and tail. Mine came to me like this, painted and partially stripped with a sculpted braided mane and a docked tail.
I redid the mane and added a Stone pony tail. Then I attempted to paint her buckskin using pastels. It didn't go well, so she was returned to the body box, where she lingered until last year's NaMoPaiMo.
At that point, I decided the bad pastel paintjob was actually a perfect basecoat, and proceeded to over it in oils. I spent most of my time experimenting with dapples. I do like how these turned out.
The rest of her, however, was kind of monochromatic. This was her face this morning.
Using pastels and acrylics, I added some highlights and shading.
Then I went back in with the oils and neatened everything up.
I also did some work on her legs before putting her back on the shelf to dry. It might be another year before I touch her again, but I'm pleased with today's painting session. This was the first time I've used oils since last February, and it went well. I am ready for February!

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  1. Those last pix are very useful: the side by side is a great teaching moment. Thanks!