Sunday, December 13, 2020

By whatever means

Earlier this year, this blog I published a pair of posts about cell phone photography for the model horse showers. At the time, that was strictly a public service move. I had no intention of taking any of my photo show pictures with a cell phone. 

Then I entered the Winter Fun Photoshow...

Some of my picture ideas didn't work with the Nikon, so I broke out the iPhone. Not bad!
The big camera can't fit through the barn door, but the cell phone can go anywhere.
Baby deer anyone?
Here's a side by side comparison. The cell phone did a better job of capturing tiny details like the scissors on the stool, but the Nikon photo has less distortion and greater depth. 
Both types of cameras have their own strengths, and I am glad to have one of each in my photo showing arsenal.


  1. Your 'arsenal' seems to mostly result in the most lovely, cute, endearing shots. Are you sure your name isn't Cupid?!