Wednesday, January 13, 2021


This morning I rode two horses.

This afternoon I am prepping two horses.
They are both very close to being done. This is round two of primer.
Everyone has their own favorite primer, and Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in light grey is mine. It's designed specifically for miniatures and goes on smoothly without obscuring tiny details. The only thing I don't like about itis the price. This small can is eleven dollars at my local hobby shop.
Even when you're spraying outside, it's important to be safety conscious. Melanie Miller posted this reminder on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page last week: Now that people are prepping horses, I wanted to share what kind of protection one should use while spraying primer. You really don't want to breathe that stuff in, and while it might be tempting to just use a regular dust mask, that won't filter out the harmful vapors. The best option is a respirator with these filters attached. Be safe out there! 
Thanks for the reminder, Mel. No matter which pair of horses I'm working with, rest assured, I am wearing protective headgear!


  1. I was using a cheap can of no brand primer until a few weeks ago because well, it was cheap, then when we were helping my grandmother clean out her house someone passed me box of my late grate uncle's hobby stuff and in it I found some good quality primer and well my work is already looking better for it. Good primer makes a difference.

    Lovely horses by the way, Both pairs

  2. Great information, taking lots of notes.

  3. Plastikote was my favorite primer. I miss that one.