Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Little pick me ups

It's not quite this bad, but I do enjoy the anticipation that comes from ordering things online. Here are a few small things that have brightened the first part of this year.

In the case of this lamp by Canadian artist, Terri Wright, the brightening is literal.
Slowly but surely, I am furnishing an imaginary 1:9 scale barn apartment. This will pair well with the upholstered chair I bought from Terri last fall.
Next up is a stable blanket - or rug - by British artist, Harriotte Preston. Harriotte had a big sale at the end of the year, and even though I own so many blankets, I could not resist adding one more to my collection. This one is so warm and snuggly and really well made. I am pleased with my lack of self control.
And good news for everyone who wanted a blanket but missed the sale. Harriotte sent an extra for the NaMoPaiMo prize pool. Thank you, Harriotte. I know someone is going to love this!
Last but not least, is this old but still awesome Carol Herden hound. I've wanted one of these guys for years, but I seem to miss them every time they come up for sale.
This one was a birthday surprise. Teresa delivered him to my door yesterday, while I was at the barn. What a wonderful thing to come home to. Thank you, Teresa!
I still have a couple other purchases that I am waiting on, but those are bigger - and pony shaped! - and will undoubtedly get posts of their own whenever they arrive.


  1. I feel like stealing that excellent quote, "pleased with my lack of self control."

  2. I was super lacking in self control at the end of last year. Now I am having fun seeing how little I can spend. It is satisfying in a really weird way. And then after a while I am sure I an buy a horse guilt-free!