Thursday, January 28, 2021

NaMoPaiMo bonus events

If painting a model horse in twenty eight days isn't enough challenge for you, here are a couple NaMoPaiMo bonus events.
Now in its second year, Minis Painting Minis is NaMoPaiMo for dolls. Sign up is done via the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page.
Last year, Jose painted an Albus resin. 
He did a great job, but this year he is passing the torch paintbrush to Alexa.
She has signed up to paint a Maggie Bennett Offerman resin.
Bob Ross will be on hand to offer advice and support if she needs it.
Lol. She's definitely going to need it. Good luck, Alexa, and all the other doll painters!
The second event is a Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge's February Photo Contest. Kenzie Williamson is inviting all NaMoPaiMo winners to submit one to three photos incorporating finished their 2021 NaMoPaiMo models in a barn scene. Entries are due March 1, 2021 and will be judged on realism, creativity and storytelling. Prizes will include Quintus medallions and miniature rosettes. More information can be found on the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge Facebook page.
NaMoPaiMo is only a few days away.  Please join us in the world's biggest model horse painting party!


  1. Alexa needs a painting smock or apron so she doesn't ruin her pretty pink hoodie.

    1. That is a fabulous suggestion, and one I would act on if I was not also running this huge event next month. Lol.