Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge

How fun is this? Kenzie Williamson just created a month long community event centered around customizing model horse barns.

Her inspiration was this slightly beat up Breyer barn, which she purchased secondhand for twenty dollars.
She took it apart to rehab it, and got lost in the project. She writes: After a Thanksgiving without family and all the awful grey rainy days we've been having, I was really down. It hit me especially hard over the weekend, but this barn got me excited about working indoors again. I think we all need a healthy distraction right now, so I created the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge.
Entry is free. All you need to do is join the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge Facebook page and state your intentions. Participants can do anything from building a barn (or tackroom/feedroom or indoor arena) from scratch to simply redecorating an existing barn.
I would love to finally finish the big barn I took apart years ago.
However, since most of my hobby time will be going to photo shows and NaMoPaiMo, I'm giving myself an easier task. I'm going to decorate my father's barn for Christmas.
Thank you, Kenzie, for making this a thing. I hope everyone is inspired to spend December playing with their barn!

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