Friday, January 29, 2021

1:9 scale art supplies

I posted this picture to the Braymere Custom Saddlery Facebook page yesterday, and almost immediately someone asked: Where did you find all the art supplies? The answer, as always, is everywhere.

The Bob Ross doll is made by NECA. He and his art supplies are currently available on Amazon for about sixty dollars. My particular Bob was a gift from Lindsay Diamond. Thank you, Lindsay!
This sketch book and box of pastels are also commercially produced items. I can't remember where I got the book, but the pastels were purchased from Sinny's Mini Art.
The rest of my art supplies comes from model horse artists, including myself. I made everything in this photo. The pictures are shrunk down painting guides from Isaac Brushett, Sarah Gifford and Carol Williams. The jug of turpentine is a repurposed Tic Tac container, and the craft paints were made from a printable I found on line.
This group of items was made by Christine Lewis (pastels, sketchbook, Krylon, short paintbrushes and paints), Jackie Rossi (long paintbrushes and paints) and Lesli Kathman. I especially cherish Lesli's tiny Equine Tapestry book. It's even autographed!
The next grouping was made entirely by Emma Ransom-Jones. She gifted me these pieces during last year's NaMoPaiMo, and it's a measure of how burned out I was that I never posted about them then. They are truly wonderful. Thank you again, Emma!
Although none of these tiny medallions were included in the photo of Jose and Alexa, they are part of my 1:9 scale art room collection. I don't remember who sculpted the overexposed white medallion, but the rest are the work of Levi Kroll. The tiny versions of Van Gogh, Frida and Michelangelo were some of the prizes from last year's Minis Painting Minis. The others I bought from Levi just because.
I do have some more small scale art supplies coming, but I'm not sure they'll make in time for this year's NaMoPaiMo. Nevertheless, I fully expect Alexa to have a fun and successful February.
That's my goal for the month, too. I truly hope this will be the most fun and successful NaMoPaiMo ever. Last year we painted six hundred ten models. Can we beat that? I certainly hope so!


  1. The unknown white medallion is one of Maggie's, she has a handful of tiny ones.

    1. I thought it might be. I have some small black ones by her, but those are currently living in the medallion tub rather than the 1:9 NaMoPaiMo tub.