Monday, December 21, 2020

Winter solstice

Today is the winter solstice, the first day of winter and my sister's birthday. To celebrate, I sent my sister a picture of a rat wearing a birthday hat and went to the barn.

It's been cold and snowy, so this was the first time we'd ridden out in nearly two weeks. None of the horses were particularly well behaved. When we got back to the barn, Karen said, "Now that it's over, that was a fun ride." I think that summed it up perfectly.
The first warm day after a long cold stretch is often like that. Even when the horses are well behaved, there are other issues. One of these is mud.
In addition to being slippery, mud is also disgusting. And horses love disgusting. 
I was positively overjoyed when I got to the barn, and this was the extent of Lucy's personal mud.
I was expecting something more like Stealth last week...
or this warmblood at Marbach Stud in January.
As gross as it is, all that mud gave me an idea. One of the classes at the Winter Fun Photoshow is called "Major Meltdown." I've already entered a candle picture, but clearly, a mud picture needs to happen, too. After all, nothing says meltdown like a really muddy horse!
To be continued...


  1. I am both dieing inside and utterly delighted by that last photo lol

  2. What kind of saddle is on the buckskin horse?

  3. Stealth looks like he wants to be a horse who has Pangare.