Monday, January 25, 2021

NaMoPaiMo updates and introducing Quintus

NaMoPaiMo starts one week from today.
As of today, we have approximately five hundred thirty people signed up to paint. I expect that number will double before February 1.
I'm scaling back the prize part of this year's event, but that doesn't mean we won't have some great swag. Just look at these awesome stickers designed by Darynn Bednarczyk of DeeJayBe Studios.
And here is this year's official NaMoPaiMo medallion, Quintus, sculpted by the incomparable, Kylee Parks.
Quintus is named after a young Roman artist, but it is also Latin for The Fifth. 
Quintus features five horses, one for each year of NaMoPaiMo. I absolutely love it.
Thank you, Kylee, Darynn and every single person who has signed up to be part of this year's event. Let's make the fifth year the best year!


  1. Love those stickers by DeeJayBee and Kylee's medallion is fantastic 💜

  2. That medallion is stunning. Love, love, love.