Thursday, January 14, 2021

Helmet shopping

The plastic strap on the back of my helmet broke as I was hanging it up after Tuesday's ride. The helmet was old enough to merit replacement anyway, so today I drove out to Dover Saddlery in Parker.
I do most of my shopping online these days, so this was a rare pleasure. Before I headed to the helmet section, I made a quick lap around the store
I looked at the things I might need...
and those that I most assuredly do not.
Oh, it's been a long time since I've enjoyed the sights and smells of a well stocked tack shop!
Once I'd seen everything, I tried on nearly a dozen helmets. Only one fit, which is par for the course with me and why I felt like I had to make this particular purchase in person. 
My last stop was the Breyer aisle. I was hoping to find a classic scale horse for a special NaMoPaiMo project.
There were a couple prospects.
This is the one I chose.
That was a fun shopping trip, and I am looking forward to many safe miles in the new helmet and a look for the new pony.


  1. I can agree that tack stores are fun, as someone who went in to their first one only a few months ago, and the discovered that the nearby store sells second hand tack and well it made me happy to spend time studying what straps went where. Waiting to see what happens with that pony.

  2. I love wandering around our not so local Saddleworld stores. I don't have a horse. I don't ride. But I still look at things I would want or need should my life change

  3. Sadly, most of our local tack shops have closed down, long before Covid put retail stores in peril. And even then they were not nearly as large or well-stocked as this Dover Saddlery looks to be.
    In order to have the pleasure of strolling though one, I need to drive more than an hour away. And I haven't been to a tack store in the years since my horse passed on...

  4. I have never seen a Dover in person and only once ever went inside a tack store. I STILL have not had an opportunity to wear my breeches, lol. At this rate they will be ancient before I do.

  5. High five on the seemingly difficult head shape. I bought a new helmet in November and I think I also tried on a dozen before I found one that fit. I'm curious what's going to happen with the classic mustang!

  6. Man, I wish I had a tack shop close to me. I much prefer purchasing anything I’m going to wear in person, and just having somewhere to look at products would be amazing, whether or not I plan to buy them. Then again, I suppose I don’t need that temptation.

  7. Love tack shops that have Breyer horses.