Friday, June 12, 2020

Copy cats

It's an accusation as old as the hobby itself: Suzie Creamcheese copied me!

And, in fact, sometimes it's true. Suzie can be sneaky that way. 

However, it's equally possible that you and Suzie were inspired by the same photo. This happens all the time. Here's one example that came to light yesterday, as people began sharing photos of their BreyerFest Best Customs Contest entries. Nikki Button and Lauren Hoeffer had both painted the same color and pattern on the same model. To make matters even more amusing, neither one of them was the first to do this. Those honors went to Canadian artist, Darynn Bednarczyk, who wrote this post about the "triplets." Thank you, Darynn.

Copy Cats

by Darynn Bednarczyk

Something really awkward happened in the model horse hobby yesterday... we all copied each other...? Or just used the same reference 😅
Though similar, look how unique each one is! Copying gets a bad rep in this hobby, when really it can happen anytime simply by accident. Everybody has their own style. And it shows right here. 
Good work ladies!

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