Saturday, June 13, 2020

BCC Theme

Every year, the BreyerFest Best Customs Contest includes a theme class which varies from year to year. The 2020 theme is "Pairs Well Together." 
models by Kristen Cermele
The class description reads: Sometimes two is better than one!  Show us your best TWO customs, interacting together as one scene.  Is it a tender moment between mare and foal?  Two rugged Mustang stallions, fighting in the wild west?  Perhaps a pair of romping yearlings at play?  What do you picture when you pair two model horses together?  Charming and cute?  Dramatic, or romantic?  What story will your pair tell?
models by Honey Gibbons
The entries that have been revealed thus far are a mix of tender moments, rowdy play and full on fighting.
Cindy Evans-Yates' big and little combo is a mix of the mix. One horse is playing - or possibly fighting - and the other is slowly, quietly backing away.
Carly Kudalis' entry also captures a moment of mixed emotions.
It's hard to believe, but these big girls started out as a pair of Cleveland Bays. 
Onto Celsie Rae Abelt's mustangs. 
There's nothing halfhearted about this disagreement. This pair is in full on attack mode.
Even the scorpions on their base are fighting!
Sometimes two really is better than one. This is a great group of entries. Amazing work, Kristen, Honey, Cindy, Carly and  Celsie!
Kristen Cermele's foals
I have one more set of photos from this class, but those get their own post!


  1. I love the piece by Cindy Evans-Yates. A pony trying to pick a fight with a drafter. You can almost hear the squeals and grunts.

    1. I witnessed a reverse situation of it between a percheron mare being sassy towards a neighbor's escaped mini stud through a fence. It's an adorable situation all around lol.

    2. I have a feeling that mare was having absolutely none of his nonsense. lol