Friday, June 12, 2020

BCC finishwork entries

Since its inception in 2015, the BreyerFest Best Customs Contest has become a showcase for some of the hobby's finest work. This year's contest has five categories: Most Extreme Custom, Excellence in Finish Work, Best Theme (Pairs Well Together), Fantasy and Best Custom for Performance. Yesterday was the entry deadline, so today has been reveal day. All across social media, artists have been sharing pictures of their completed entries. 
model by Audrey Dixon
It's been wonderful.
model by Heather Jackson-Lain
Today I'm delighted to share some of the entries in the Excellence in Finish Work division.
model by Kimberly Bleecker
This appears to be the largest division, with entries from some of the hobby's best known artists, including the 2018 winner, Stephanie Blaylock.
Wow, that's pretty!
There are not one...
model by Shana Bobbitt
but two NaMoPaiMo models in the field.
model by Jennifer Arusaga
This cute pony was painted by Ellen Yanosky...
and this True North is the work of Em Meagher.
Several artists used Breyer's new Akhal Teke as their canvas.
model by Kenzie Williamson
This includes another past winner, Melanie Miller.
Longboi's collar was created digitally with Zbrush and 3D printed in pieces, which had to be assembled and painted before being permanently attached to the horse. Mel says it took a year off her life.
I love you, Mel. I hope you live a long and happy life, but that was worth every minute it took from you!
Other entries include Layla Bakhtiari's Emerson,
 T.J. Hurst's Dundee... 
and Tegan Davis' exotic foal.
So cute!
Last but certainly not least, it's the Hamiltons.
model by Meredith Warren
In a surprise twist, Lauren Hoeffer and Nikki Button both used the same reference photo for their contest entry. Here's Lauren's horse...
and Nikki's.
And the other side. 
Both are gorgeous!
Thank you so much to all the artists who allowed me to share their pictures here. I'll be posting photos from the other divisions shortly. If you'd like your model to be included, please post your photo on the Braymere Facebook page or email it to


  1. It's hilarious that Darynn Bednarczyc did exactly the same horse too!! They're Covid Confinement Custom Contest Contender Counterparts. XD

  2. All of these entries look like winners to me - good luck to everyone!

  3. Believe it or not, I too, started a National Show Horse custom a few months ago with this buckskin pinto pattern! It's a beautiful horse, as are these models!!

  4. So beautiful... all of them...

  5. does that collar on Longboi have a open slot for the mane?
    That is a really smart way to make it look more realistic!