Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Diamond dreams

Like most horse girls of my generation, I discovered the model horse hobby through the pages of Just About Horses. This was my first issue.
In it, I got my first glimpse at a remade/repainted/haired model. I was intrigued.
The second one was even better.
It included an article about Remaking by Kathleen Maestas. The photos of the models themselves were pretty neat, if somewhat confusing.
However, it was the pictures of the tacked up models on the second page that really made my heart go pitter patter. 
I immediately became a huge fan of Kathleen Maestas.
Over the years, I collected a number of articles and pictures of her work. This is from the October 1982 issue of Western Horseman.
I also accumulated several Double Diamond Ranch sales lists.
The models sales lists have been lost to time, but there were a couple of the tack pages in the model horse time capsule.
Although the prices seem extremely affordable now, they were far outside my meager childhood budget. 
Still, it was fun to dream!
I never did manage to buy a Double Diamond horse or tack set, but I will always remember and appreciate Kathleen's contributions to the hobby. As much as anyone, she inspired me to tack up my models!


  1. That may have been my first issue too. Either way, it was my favorite with that loud colored Appaloosa

  2. Interesting to see how far tack-making has come.

  3. Thank you for the refresh on what a Maestas saddle looks like. I've wanted one for years.