Friday, June 12, 2020

BCC Most Extreme Custom

Here are some of the entries for the Most Extreme Custom division of BreyerFest's Best Customs Contest.
Meghan Nahmaste's Rojo turned zony
A couple of these horses will probably look familiar to long time blog readers.
Cameron Clow's Miss Chevrolet was part of the NaMoPaiMo class of 2019. She was originally a Breyer Duchess.
Jennifer Kroll's Evelyn is best known as a resin, but this is the original Breyer custom model. I love her!
Some of the new faces include Cameryn Oswald's Joshi,"
Joanna Bechtel Chronister's "Valkyrie"...
and Olivia Korpi's "Olaf."
Congratulations to all the artists for creating another batch of good looking models. Boy, am I glad I'm not one of the judges!

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