Sunday, June 14, 2020

BCC Fantasy

The fifth and final division of the BreyerFest Best Customs Contest is Fantasy. 
model by Jillian Morrell
I'm not usually a fantasy fan, but I'll make an exception for the entries in this class. Every one one of them is unique and wonderful, and this is quite possibly the deepest and most competitive field in this year's competition.
model by Karen Gerhardt
As was the case in the Most Extreme division, there are a few familiar faces, including Gretchen Glover's Gravid Bendy Straw who won the Circle C Artist Challenge Contest earlier this year.
Karin Hullatti entered her 2020 NaMoPaiMo project, Bifröst.
This guy is so cool.
Speaking of cool, look at Katie Langford's Eurasian kingfisher hippogriff!
This category has seen its fair share of hippogriffs - including two last year - but this one is very unique and also very well done. 
I love the way she mized the horse and bird elements.
The next featured entry is Kayla Blaine's Medusa.
Medusa lives in her garden surrounded by the victims of her gaze. Don't look in her eyes!
Elena Lemm's entry is also a diorama and performance entry. 
I love the tack. This is definitely one of the best headless horseman depictions I've ever seen.
On to the light up entries! This is Hannah Moeding's Curiosity.
He is her first drastic custom and her first Best Customs Contest entry.
Great work, Hannah! 
The next horse comes from another first time entrant, Kim Haymond.
Kim writes: As you know, I'm a prop maker and customize horses very rarely. However, the idea for this horse has been in my head for 15+ years. While she has been entered in the BreyerFest Best Customs Contest, I am just happy to have finally realized the 'picture' in my head. With that, I am pleased to introduce you to Sterope!
This is almost the end of the fantastic Fantasy class. I have one more horse to share, but that one gets a post of his own.

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  1. Thank you for the feature, there are SO many great entries this year! :D