Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Although Colorado's Covid-19 numbers have been trending down for the six weeks, my family is still mostly quarantining. I go to the grocery once a week and the barn twice a week, and that's pretty much it. 
Except this past Sunday, Seth, Darcy and I went to Lowe's
I needed gardening gloves and Seth needed bird squirrel seed. There was a nearly 1:9 scale picnic table bird squirrel feeder next to the seed, and that came home with us, too.
I thought I might use it for hobby purposes, but Seth was having none of that. It was immediately filled with seed, and placed next to the squirrel "bath."
 It didn't take long for the squirrels to find it.
Crows, too.
Clearly, I'm never going to get to use this for hobby purposes.
 That's okay. I love looking out my studio window and seeing this!
Here's a couple better squirrel pictures that were taken without a pane of glass between me and Seth's furry little friends.
I especially like this one.
Tomorrow, I promise I'll write a post about model horses!


  1. How did you take such a close up of a squirrel? When ever they see me they run away!

    1. If you feed them, they become a lot less skittish. A long lens on the camera helps, too.